Epipremnum Aureum

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Epipremnum (Also known as Devil’s Ivy or Pothos) is an ideal terrarium plant, perfect in damp to high humidity setups. The common name of Devil’s Ivy comes from the hardiness of this species as it is described as being almost impossible to kill. Epipremnums ability to tolerate a wide variety of temperatures, humidity and light levels make it an excellent choice for a wide range of species, as well as a great option for the beginner who is new to planted vivaria.

Epipremnum won’t mind being under watered, but over watering needs to be avoided otherwise you risk rot setting in. The soil should be moist, but never soggy or wet.

Without a doubt it does best in a moist, humid terrarium with good light and a temperature range of 18-24C. Under these conditions it can become a bit of a monster producing large leaves and overtaking a terrarium. However, it can be pruned back hard and will come back just as vigorous as before. It can even be pruned back to within a few leaf nodes of the soil, or the vine trimmed back to the required point. If the main vine is left in place and just trimmed back to the same length all the time then it will get thicker and thicker creating a fantastic jungle effect.

Product Specification
Height 20cm
Pot Size 12cm
Environment Tropical & Temperate
Area Australia, SE Asia, India
Lighting Shaded/Indirect Light
Edible Mildly Toxic


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