SkyLight Hyperspot

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SkyLight Hyperspot

With the help of reflectors, the Skylight Hyperspot lamps direct almost all available light into the aquarium. RGB LED modules result in vivid, intense colour of the observed inhabitants.

Observe your aquarium without being blinded. No shades are necessary. Glaring is limited to minimum 360 degrees around the lamp.

In contrast to the vast majority of RGB lamps, SkyLight Hyperspot lights generate light reflections similar to those appearing when HQI lamps are used.

By using an external dimmer the Skylight Hyperspot series lamps allow for light output  adjustment to current needs. Owing to the 2-channel construction also the colour temperature may be slightly adjusted to better fit the user aesthetic expectations.

Hyperspot lamps come equipped with a hanging suspension kit, but a number of holders are available as accessories.

SkyLight Hyperspot Spectrum

SkyLight Hyperspot Parameters

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Weight 2.1 kg

Hyperspot S, Hyperspot M, Hyperspot L, S-50 Holders, S-60 Holders, M-80 Holders, M-90 Holders, L-100 Holders, L-120 Holders


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