SkyLight AQI Intense

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SkyLight AQI Intense

The Skylight AQI Intense series lamps produce vivid colours and their spectral emission is characteristic for
so called RGB lamps. What is unique and innovative on this RGB aquarium light is the broadening
of spectrum with deep and far red. This allows for the appropriate activation of phytochromes both
in Pr and Pfr stage. Far red light deeply penetrates plant tissue allowing shaded parts of plants
to photosynthesize too.

In contrast to the vast majority of RGB lamps, SkyLight Intense lights generate light reflections
similar to those appearing when HQI lamps are used.

Laser cut lamp casing looks quite different to the constructions based on side-sealed aluminium
profiles. Casing finish is achieved with double layer of protective coating in the metallic anthracite

Using an external dimmer the Skylight Intense series lamps allow for light output adjustment
to different demands of cultivated plants. Owing to the 2-channel construction also the colour
temperature may be adjusted to better fit the user aesthetic expectations. As a result the Intense
series will please the owner of a nature planted aquarium but is also adjustable to to different biotope

Intense series lamps are manufactured in 2 different configurations. The H version is equipped
with acrylic holders and the lamp is put on aquarium edges. The S version is equipped with a metal
wire hanging suspension kit that allows to hang the lamp over the aquarium. In the S version
semi-transparent shades are included to protect the user eyes, when the lamp is hanging high above
the ground.

SkyLight AQI Intense

SkyLight AQI Intense Parameters

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Weight 2.1 kg

AQI-40 H, AQI-60 H, AQI-80 H, AQI-40 S, AQI-60 S, AQI-80 S


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